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What type of electric heating bag should you buy?

Electric heating bags are more convenient than hot water bags, so they are favored by more people. However, explosions and burns caused by improper use of electric heating bags are not uncommon. Due to different heating elements, electric heating bags can be divided into electrode type, electric heating tube type and flexible heating wire type.
Electrode type electric heating bags are the most dangerous. They have been banned by the state due to frequent explosions, but they are still sold by unscrupulous merchants. The electric heating tube type electric heating bag generally does not explode, but it does not feel good and has a short lifespan, about 1 year. The flexible heating wire type electric heating bag is comfortable to the touch and has a long service life, which is the first choice for purchase.
Warm Star reminds you that consumers can identify electric heating bags by kneading. If the whole body of the bag is soft, it is a flexible heating wire type; if a hard block or hard object is pinched, it is an electrode type or an electric heating tube type. It is recommended that you must buy products from regular manufacturers, and do not buy "three no" products cheaply.

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