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What are the benefits of using an electric heating bag?

Winter is the time for electric heating bags to show their talents, but if you only use electric heating bags as simple heating equipment, it is a bit overkill. In fact, it also has many unexpected health care uses.
1. Promote wound healing
I filled the bag with warm water and put it on my hand. At first, I only felt warm and comfortable. After several days of continuous application, the wound was completely healed. The reason is that heat can stimulate tissue regeneration, relieve pain and strengthen tissue nutrition. When heat acts on wounds on the body surface, a large number of serous exudates increase, which can help remove pathological products; heat can It can dilate blood vessels and enhance vascular permeability, which is conducive to the discharge of tissue metabolites and the absorption of nutrients, inhibits the development of inflammation, and promotes its healing.
2. Pain relief
For knee joint pain, put a hot water bottle on the knee, and the pain will be relieved quickly. In fact, hot compress can not only relieve joint pain, but also significantly relieve pain for lumbago, sciatica, dysmenorrhea (all of which are cold syndromes), and place a hot water bottle on the local pain area for 20 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day. For subcutaneous hematoma caused by contusion, 24 hours after injury, apply hot compress with electric heating bag to promote the absorption of subcutaneous congestion.
3. Apply back to relieve cough
In winter, if you have a cold and cough, fill the electric heating bag with hot water, wrap it with a thin towel, and apply it on the back to dispel the cold, which can quickly stop the cough. Hot compress on the back can make the blood vessels in the upper respiratory tract, trachea, lungs and other parts dilate and blood circulation to accelerate, so as to enhance metabolism and phagocytic ability of white blood cells, and has the effect of relieving cough. This method is especially effective for coughs that appear in the early stages of colds.
4. Hypnosis
Put the electric heating bag on the back of the neck while sleeping, it will feel mild and comfortable, the hands will get warm first, and then the feet will also feel warm, which can play a hypnotic effect. This method is also suitable for the treatment of cervical spondylosis and frozen shoulder. In addition, at the beginning of mastitis, place the electric heating bag on the local pain area, twice a day, for 20 minutes each time, it can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis; if the intravenous infusion is not smooth, apply a hot compress with a hot water bag to make it smooth; long-term intramuscular injection of penicillin in the buttocks And injections, intramuscular injections are prone to induration and pain, redness and swelling. Applying heat to the affected area with an electric heating bag can promote the absorption of the medicinal liquid and prevent or eliminate induration.
The protruding part on the electric heating bag can play a smaller contact area than the human body, so as to reduce the heat release speed of the electric heating bag.

product features:
material flannel whether to import no Dimensions (including packaging) 22.5*16.5*24.5
brand warm star Box quantity 12 Power mode plug
Rated voltage 220V rated power 400W heating method Charge
Whether the patent source no article number CD-6008 colour white,  pink,  brown
style modern minimalist Custom processing no Additional features Explosion-proof double-sided heating multi-speed adjustment
Fever time 6-8 hours

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