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The safety of hot water bottle needs attention

Hot water is a safer heat storage medium than hot coal, but it's not without risks, and hot water bottles need to be used with care. They carry instructions not to use boiling water, which is very reasonable advice, but hot water that doesn't need to be boiled is dangerous. Water hotter than 60°C can scald you and cause very serious injury. Therefore, it is recommended to use only hot tap water or any other source of hot water below 60°C. This temperature is high enough for your comfort, the only benefit of using hot water is that you need to reheat less often.
Water that is too hot can hurt you in many ways. First, there is always a chance that you will spill water on your hands when filling the bottle. Second, a rubber or plastic thermos can start leaking through the lid or seam. Third, which is the worst case scenario, a thermos will burst and release two liters of hot water on your body. This kind of accident is rare because nowadays thermos are manufactured to quality standards. However, they do happen, usually because the bottle is worn out.
To safely use rubber or PVC hot water bags in higher water temperatures, it is important to replace them after a few years of use and store them properly. If you really want to use a higher water temperature, a metal thermos -- which comes in a lid to prevent skin burns -- is the safest option. However, if the temperature is kept below 60°C, the worst case is to get wet.
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