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The correct way to open water injection hot water bottle

1. Water injection
Turn the hot water bottle power socket up, lay it flat on the table, and open the filling plug.
Use the small funnel in the attachment to open the bottom baffle of the water injection port, and make sure that the small funnel is inserted into the bottom.
Then remove the small funnel and screw it on the beverage bottle with matching thread. A one-time injection is enough. (Don't change the water again)
The amount of water injected corresponds to the product you purchased.
2. Exhaust
(1) After the water injection is completed, the water injection hot water bottle should be vented, screw the water injection port to the highest point, and then slowly lower it. When the liquid overflows from the water injection port, plug the water injection port with a small plug. (The top of the small plug and the top of the water injection port should be flat)
(2) Carefully dry the water marks on the charging stand and the bag with a dry cloth or towel to ensure that the surface of the product is dry, and then you can start charging.
3. Precautions
(1) It is not advisable to pour boiling water, and the hot water of about 90 degrees Celsius is just right, which can prevent the rubber from aging in advance.
(2) Do not fill too much, just fill 2/3 of the hot water bag, then remove the air in the bag, and tighten the plug.
(3) After use, pour out the water and blow some air to prevent the inner wall from sticking and hanging upside down

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