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How to use a plastic hot water bottle?

People who know plastic hot water bottles usually think of them as bed companions. However, they will keep you warm all day, no matter where you are. Of course, this includes the sofa, but you can also surround yourself with one or more plastic hot water bottles while sitting at your desk or table. Depending on the room temperature, I use one, two or three plastic hot water bottles at the same time. They are usually on my legs, behind my lower back and/or under my feet. Although only some body parts are heated directly, the heat from the bottle is distributed throughout the body through the blood flow through the skin.
A plastic hot water bottle can be used in combination with a blanket to further improve thermal comfort. If I cover the lower half of my body with a blanket while sitting at my desk, it absorbs the heat from the bottle and keeps them warm for longer. Even better is a blanket with a hole in the middle to let your head go through - a basic poncho - or a blanket with sleeves. If it's large enough, it creates a tent-like structure that places your entire body in the warm microclimate created by the water bottle. In the early days, draping long clothing over personal heat sources was a common comfort strategy.
Thickened PVC hot water bottle fashion hand warmer CD-9018 CD-9008

Thickened PVC water-filled warm water bag protects women who are afraid of cold, and provides gentle companionship with menstrual pain, cold hands and feet, and warmth. It is suitable for people with physical fatigue, cold constitution and women in menstrual period.
Applicable parts:Warm hands, feet and waist
style:modern minimalist
colour:yellow, light green, violet...

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