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How to use a hot water bottle scientifically

It is not advisable to pour boiling water, and hot water of about 90 degrees Celsius is just right, which can prevent the rubber from aging in advance. Don't fill too much, just fill 2/3 of the hot water bag, then remove the air in the bag, and tighten the plug. After use, pour out the water and blow some air to prevent the inner wall from sticking and hanging upside down.
It's cold, and the hot water bottle gets cold quickly. In addition to adding a cloth cover to the hot water bottle, you can also add a little salt to keep the water temperature better. Basically 1 hour more heat than the unsalted one.
Some classmates wash their faces in the morning and use the water in the hot water bottle at night, which is not good. Hot water bags are generally made of rubber. During the processing of rubber products, various compounding agents must be added to make the products wear-resistant, heat-resistant, bending-resistant and elastic. These compounding agents will be precipitated from rubber products with aging and immersion in hot water during the use of hot water bags. Therefore, the water in the bag contains impurities and toxic substances. Using it to wash the face is not good for the beauty and health care of the facial skin, and it often causes skin allergies.
The water in the hot water bottle cannot be used, and the rubber will release toxic substances when it is heated.
Don't sleep with a hot water bottle that is too hot. If you don't pay attention, it will easily cause blisters. Pay special attention to prevent burns.
Now there are rechargeable hot water bags on the market. We must remind everyone that the water outlet must be opened regularly to release the air in the water bag as much as possible. Otherwise, under heating, the PVC hot water bag may over-expand and explode.

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