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Do you know what needs to be paid attention to when using a hot water bottle?

1. During the use of the hot water bottle, the color of the local skin should be observed frequently to avoid being burned by the hot water bottle. For some people with sluggish peripheral sensory nerves and infants, it is recommended not to use a hot water bottle for heating.
2. During the use of the ordinary water-filled hot water bag, if it needs to be used continuously, the hot water should be replaced in time, otherwise the temperature of the hot water bag will gradually drop, and it will be difficult to play the role of heating.
3. There is usually a layer of plastic or waterproof cloth around the hot water bottle. In the process of use, avoid touching sharp objects, avoid being bumped or bumped, so as to avoid water leakage of the hot water bottle.
4. The hot water bottle has a certain service life and should be used reasonably. It is not recommended to use it beyond the limit to avoid problems. When the hot water bottle leaks, it should not be used again. It is recommended to replace the hot water bottle with a new one, or use other heating equipment for heating.
Explosion-proof leak-proof plastic cartoon cute hot water bottle CD-9008-9018

Fill the water with warm water bag, enlarge the water inlet, prevent external spillage, smooth watering, prevent spillage, screw sealing plug, no need for gasket, durable, thick material, prevent rapid cooling, heat water easily, comfortable for 4-6 hours.
Product Category Water filling hot water bag whether to import no brand warm star
material plastic Heavy (including packaging) -(g) Box quantity -
Whether the patent source no article number CD-9008-9018 colour Yellow, purple, green, blue...
Dimensions (including packaging) 450ML (cm) style modern minimalist Additional features  hot and cold

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