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Do you know what material the hot water bottle is made of?

1. Fabric. At present, the fabrics of electric hot water bags on the market mainly include PVC materials, mercerized cloth materials and flannel materials: PVC materials are hard to the touch, easy to age, and have average firmness. High temperature, moderate hotness after heating, belonging to the middle end; flannel material feels comfortable, not hot after heating, good firmness, and is the best quality fabric.
2. Kind. At present, electric hot water bags on the market are divided into electric heating wire type electric hot water bags and electrode type electric hot water bags. Electrode type electric hot water bottle is very unsafe. It relies on electrode heating. The internal solution is charged during the heating process. Safety depends on the external thermostat and human eyes. This kind of electric hot water bottle has actually been banned by the country. The electric heating wire type and the electric mattress are actually the same principle, but they only heat the medium with a large specific heat such as water. Because the whole process is insulated and the temperature is controllable, it is much safer than the electrode type.
3. Power. When purchasing an electric heating water bottle, check whether its power cord is intact, and then check whether the power cord interface on the electric heating bag has cracks or other safety hazards, such as whether there are three sockets in the power cord interface. The metal tabs and the three metal columns in the interface are not the same length.
4. Brand. Nowadays, there are many brands of electric hot water bags, and the quality varies. When purchasing, you should go to regular shopping malls and supermarkets to buy products with complete information such as factory name and factory location, production license, instructions for use, and qualification certificate.
The hot water bottle is used very frequently in winter, but if the material is not selected properly, it is very prone to safety accidents. At that time, it will not only fail to keep warm, but also become an "invisible killer" in winter. Therefore, it is recommended that you must choose a hot water bottle with a good material to be safe when purchasing.

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