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Do you know what is the liquid in the electric hot water bottle?

The liquid in the electric hot water bottle is a supersaturated salt solution, generally using sodium acetate. So what is a supersaturated solution? For example, at room temperature, you continuously add salt to a certain amount of water. When the added salt no longer dissolves, it reaches a saturated state. This solution is called a saturated solution. When the concentration of a solution exceeds that of a saturated solution, the solution is called a supersaturated solution.
A supersaturated solution is in an unbalanced state and is unstable. If it is subjected to vibration or crystals of the solute are added, the excess solute in the solution will precipitate and become a saturated solution, that is, a stable state. However, the process is exothermic, so when the sodium acetate crystals precipitate out, the electric hot water bottle begins to warm up.
When the solution is completely exothermic, as long as it is charged and heated for a few minutes, the sodium acetate crystals precipitated in the solution will dissolve again (the solubility of sodium acetate increases with the increase of temperature). During the dissolution process, the solute will It absorbs heat and becomes a supersaturated solution again. Repeatedly, the electric heating water bag can be continuously heated and then released for repeated use.

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