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Do you know the side effects of hot water bottles?

A hot water bottle is a completely safe device that can be easily used at home and does not require any medical supervision from a doctor or nurse. However, if used excessively or incorrectly, it can cause certain side effects, including skin burns, cuts and wounds, and even severe skin tissue damage.
Therefore, some precautions must be taken when using a hot water bottle, such as:
Avoid putting too much force or pressure on the hot water bottle, such as sitting on it or pressing down with your feet
Avoid defective hot water bottles as it can cause the boiling liquid to leak which can injure the skin
Always fill the hot water bottle with cold or room temperature water first and check the hot water bottle for leaks to prevent injury
Do not fill the hot water bottle with boiling water as it may overflow and cause severe body pain
Use a hot water bottle on the body at a moderately warm temperature rather than when it is very hot to avoid any damage to the skin
If skin is sensitive, cover the hot water bottle with a thin soft cloth as placing the heating device directly on the body may cause burning, peeling or skin irritation
If using a hot water bottle to create a warm sleeping environment for a baby or child, place it at an ideal distance and make sure it is not too hot to prevent any harm to the child. Parental supervision is required when using hot water bottles for infants and young children.
Mermaid transparent plastic hot water bottle 9119
Mermaid transparent plastic hot water bottle 9119
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