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Do you know the evolutionary history of hot water bottles?

The purchase of electric heating bags has always been a tangled thing. Compared with the endless news reports in the early years, the safety hazards of the charging hot water bottle have been repeatedly warned. In recent years, the relevant news has been much less, and there are only a few malicious public opinion attacks caused by industry competition. So what has happened to the rechargeable hot water bottle in the past few years? How did it withstand the fire of public opinion and still advance into thousands of households? Compared with the huge and tempting convenience of traditional water-filled hot water bottles, how does it gradually defeat public opinion and then capture the hearts of the masses?
heating technology
The heating technology of the hot water bottle has changed from the initial heating tube to the later electrode type to the latest carbon fiber heating wire technology. The price of the change is painful. The latest carbon fiber heating wire technology is born with the mission of completely reversing the public's misunderstanding of the rechargeable hot water bottle. Similar, there are still endless related news after a search. This carbon fiber heating wire is essentially a material innovation, not a technology. The technology is nothing more than heating wire heating, which is definitely better than the old-fashioned heating tube heating Much better, but there are also differences between carbon fiber heating wires and ordinary heating wires. A big difference is the durability of materials. Carbon fiber heating wires are very strong in terms of rust and corrosion resistance, which can directly extend the service life of the hot water bottle. 3 Years, ordinary hot water bottle may be broken in one year. In addition, the heating efficiency of the carbon fiber heating wire will be much higher, generally it can reach about 70 ℃ in a few minutes, and the noise will be much lower.
skin material
The most traditional skin material of the hot water bottle is rubber. This main flushing water hot water bottle is a continuation. All its advantages are limited to the water filling type. When it comes to the rechargeable hot water bottle, there is one core thing that cannot be bypassed, that is, the explosion-proof performance. Of course, explosion-proofing is by no means limited to the skin, and the heating technology is the decisive factor, but a material that is elastic enough to support the magnitude of thermal expansion and contraction is very important. In recent years, a cheap material has dominated the hot water bottle industry. The combination of canvas + pvc, in fact, this material has many shortcomings, including a strong plastic smell, insufficient elasticity or overheating and explosion, and the property of canvas material that is not resistant to dirt, you will basically not think about it after a month. If you touch it, you can't wipe it quickly, you have to wash it with water, and you don't feel relieved. In conclusion, its biggest advantage is its low cost and huge price advantage.
Silicone material is the latest material that came out this year, which basically solves various problems of canvas + pvc, and is regarded as an innovation of skin material. At the same time, the cost is not cheap. At present, a silicone rechargeable hot water bottle on the e-commerce website is basically more than 60 yuan.
experience feelings
In specific use, the hot water bottle with carbon fiber heating wire has some obvious differences compared with others. First of all, its heating speed will be faster than that of ordinary heating wires, and then the noise generated during charging will be much less. The smell of the silicone hot water bottle when heated is much lighter than that of canvas + pvc, just some faint natural silicone smell, and at the same time, it will feel more comfortable, skin-friendly and elastic.

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