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Do you know the characteristics of electric hot water bottle?

1. The electric heating bag can be recycled. As long as the power is turned on for 7-10 minutes, it can keep warm for several hours (the specific time depends on different brands and models).
2. Unique hyperthermia function. Warming in winter, this product can be used to warm hands, feet, neck, body, quilt, etc. at a lower ambient temperature; and this product can eliminate fatigue, relieve back pain, abdominal pain, arthritis, etc. Pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica have obvious relief effect.
3. Beautiful appearance and fast charging. It is suitable for home life, work, and going out to carry and use. It uses a high-efficiency pyrogen inside, and the temperature rises high and the heat preservation lasts for a long time. In fact, it is a good gift for relatives, friends and home travel.
Thickened PVC hot water bottle fashion hand warmer CD-9018 CD-9008

Thickened PVC water-filled warm water bag protects women who are afraid of cold, and provides gentle companionship with menstrual pain, cold hands and feet, and warmth. It is suitable for people with physical fatigue, cold constitution and women in menstrual period.
material:High Density PVC
Product Category:Water filling hot water bag
brand:warm star
colour:yellow, light green, violet.
style:modern minimalist
Additional features:hot and cold
Applicable parts:Warm hands, feet and waist

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