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Do you know how to check your plastic hot water bottle?

Whenever you use a plastic hot water bag, the first thing to look for is cracks, discoloration, or small holes that could indicate a dangerous product. Many thermos may display both a production date and/or an expiration date. Replace old or worn bottles to avoid accidents, and if you're not sure, it's best to use a different thermos.
The design of the thermos is mainly for aesthetics. That said, the lid is generally a good safety feature, as it limits the risk of scalding and burns from prolonged direct contact with the thermos. If you do not have a lid, we strongly recommend that you wrap the thermos in a towel.
Fill a thermos
Once you are satisfied that the thermos is safe to use, unscrew the cork and pour out the remaining water inside.
Fill a thermos with boiling water that has cooled to a safe temperature. Fill with water to no more than three quarters of capacity.
Do not use boiling water as this can damage the seams of the bottle and increase the risk of burns. It is important to avoid using hot tap water as much as possible, as it may contain impurities that would otherwise be removed during the boiling process, which can reduce the performance of the bottle and increase the risk of accidents.
After you've poured the water, slowly squeeze the remaining air out of the thermos so the water level rises just below the top. Then screw the plug back to make sure it is tight.
Finally dry the thermos and stopper with a towel or rag. For your safety, wrap the thermos in a towel during use, especially if it doesn't have a lid.
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