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Do you know how a plastic hot water bottle works?

A thermos is a rubber or thermoplastic bottle with a hollow interior into which hot water can be poured and stored. Screw caps are used to completely enclose water in the surrounding air.
Plastic hot water bags have insulating properties that prevent all the heat in the hot water from escaping immediately. Instead, the heat can only escape gradually through the bottle and spread to the surrounding space outside by convection, allowing users to benefit from a sustained release of heat over a long period of time.
Over time, the hot water in the bottle cools as more heat energy is released and dissipated, until it eventually reaches the same temperature as the surrounding room. At this point, there's no longer a temperature difference driving heat from the inside of the bottle to the outside environment, and it's time to refill the thermos -- if you haven't already done so.
Hand warmer hot water bottle CD-9008 CD-9018

Water-filled hot water bag, skin-friendly and soft, good-looking and high-quality, cute and applicable, adopts new leak-proof design, enlarged spout design, one-piece design, fashion printing, thickened pvc material, safe and odor-free, so that your Warmer in winter.
material High Density PVC whether to import no Dimensions (including packaging) 14*21
brand warm star Box quantity 60 Whether the patent source no
article number CD-9008 CD-9018 colour yellow, purple, green, pink Additional features Explosion-proof, rapid heating
Fever time 6-8 hours  

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